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Wholesome Pooch All-Natural Pumpkin Dog Treats

Wholesome Pooch Pumpkin Dog Treats contain only four all-natural ingredients! Our treats are made with love, locally in southern California. The pumpkin treats are perfectly shaped like a cute, bone-shaped treat, but do not contain the unhealthy preservatives of the typical treat found in the market. Show your pooch some love and order your bag today at !

Testify Software Solutions

Testify is an edtech company committed to making the classroom learning experience more personalized for all students. We do this by helping teachers make better students connections from the second students step into class on their first day. It takes teachers 3-4 months to really understand a student but through our MindMap Game we're able to shorten that time period from 3-4 months all the way down to 3-4 days. MindMap is a 15 minute gamified personality assessment that allows us to gather key insights such as personality traits, career interests as well as unique learning styles in a very short amount of time. With MindMap produced by the team at Testify we make learning more personal with ease for students, teachers, and school systems alike.

Supervize. Keep your group together.

Max is racing ahead to the ride when he turns and realizes his parents aren’t beside him. At the same time Jim, Max’s dad, looks and realizes Max is not walking alongside him. They frantically glance around and breathe a sigh of relief when they realize they were only a few meters apart. Places like museums, zoos, and amusement parks are fun, but also risky and unpredictable environments. Supervize reduces stress by increasing awareness and stopping group separation before it happens. The supervisor sets a boundary on her phone. The wearable bands on everyone's wrists provides feedback if anyone begins to separate; a proactive solution that prevents group separation and helps children self-correct and be more self-responsible. Supervize lowers the risks associated with group separation. Flow data can be collected by the venue to improve infrastructure and visitor experience. The same boundary system technology would be valuable in travel, healthcare, and large events.