2016 Gift Guide: Beauty & Wellness

This year, to celebrate the holiday season and showcase our hardworking and innovative young entrepreneurs, we are publishing our first Holiday Gift Guide. Each featured product you see below is created and manufactured by a young entrepreneur 25 or younger who is a member of the HatchPad Community.

Welcome to Beauty & Wellness.

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HatchPad promotes young entrepreneurs because it helps them grow their companies which is part of our mission. There is no other way we benefit from promoting our kids other than that. Take a peek. I promise, you will love what you see.


Zandra Beauty HatchPad Gift Guide

Zandra Beauty, fun + fresh natural bath & body for the educated + empowered girl on the move, is founded by 16-year old high school student, Zandra Cunningham, from Buffalo, NY. I interviewed Zandra over a year and a half ago for one of our first ever Hatcher Spotlight blogs and she has become a significant member of the HatchPad Family & Community.

Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty for the Empowered + Educated Female

Zandra started her company when her father refused to buy her one more lip balm to add to her already extensive collection. Zandra is not only an all-star self-funded entrepreneur, she is a member of HatchPad’s Advisory Committee and a Senior Member of soon to launch HatchPad Founder’s League, a highly sought after public speaker, and a philanthropist who donates 10% of her revenues to support female education.

Zandra manufacturers handmade and organic lip balms, body scrubs, hair and body souffle, deodorant, hair and body wash, and body lotions. We love her young female empowerment branding which includes labels with slogans such as “There is No One Like You,” “Self-Confidence Own it! Rock it!” “Smile Big. Dream Big.” and “Smile & You are Youtiful.”

Zandra Beauty has been featured on the TODAY show and NIGHTLINE, is a featured seller on ETSY, and is now sold in over 100 Paper Source stores. You can also learn more about Zandra’s business strategy by visiting her Venture Page on HatchPad.



Nohbo eco friendly shampoo

Nohbo is the world’s first eco-friendly single use shampoo ball made with zero plastic, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Founded by 16-year-old Benjamin Stern from Melbourne, FL, Nohbo’s mission is to not only make your hair feel and look great but to protect our environment by preventing plastic waste from entering our ecosystems. Ben has been on Shark Tank and won a $100,000 investment from Mark Cuban who essentially called Ben, “mini me.”

Nohbo eco friendly shampoo HatchPad Gift Guide

Nohbo eco-friendly single use shampoo

As another one of our first HatchPad Spotlighters, Ben is a significant member of the HatchPad Family & Community, sits on the HatchPad Advisory Committee and is a Senior Member of soon to launch HatchPad Founder’s League. He has been covered in Huffington Post, Forbes and Inc. (among other media).

While his products won’t arrive until after Christmas given the 6-8 week shipping time, these individual eco-friendly shampoos are a great gift for your friends who love the environment and who travel a great deal. It feels good to use one of these while traveling versus leaving a half filled open plastic shampoo bottle in the hotel shower. Nohbo is sold in packs of 15 for $11.00 and varieties include Japanese Cherry Blossom, Smoky Sandalwood, and Unscented.

To learn more about Nohbo’s business model, please visit their Venture Page on HatchPad.




EllieGrid HatchPad Gift Guide

EllieGrid, the pillbox with brains and beauty, is a smart pill organizer and software platform that simplifies pill management while gathering essential data. EllieGrid was founded by four young entrepreneurs in Houston TX: Regina Vaterott, COO (22), Abe Matamoros, CEO (23), Hieu Nguyen (28) and Nicolas Dhanam, CPO (23).

Designed to help Baby Boomers (52-70) easily manage and monitor their medication intake without annoying and loud alarms, EllieGrid helps users avoid medical mishaps and even more severe consequences. EllieGrid has been designed to be an attractive consumer product versus a medical device and appeals to the older generation who takes pills as a part of their daily regime but who appreciate privacy, design and the use of technology to help them manage the process. They recently ran a very successful Indiegogo campaign and raised $58,000 against a $40,000 goal which is where they are currently taking pre-orders.

EllieGrid Holiday GuideHere’s how it works: you fill your EllieGrid with your pills in compartments organized by type, not time. When it is time to take your pills, a pleasant and low-key alarm will ring and lights will appear over the pill section you need to take indicating how many you need to take at that time. Your EllieGrid App will send you reminders as well. And, if pills are not taken on time, an alert is sent to a designated loved one.

You can pre-order EllieGrid today with an estimated ship date of May 2017.

To learn more about EllieGrid’s business model, investment needs, and partnership needs please visit their Venture Page on HatchPad.



Everwaters HatchPad Gift Guide


Everwaters is a Philadelphia-based startup founded by recent U Penn grads and inventors, Matthew Lisle (24) and Adrian Lievano (23) that combines the power of nature and modern technology to offer simple exceptional water filters. Their water filter, called the COWA, uses natural ceramic and coconut to keep out bacteria and protozoa. The unit does not require batteries and was invented to solve water filtration problems in Africa.  Cowa removes about over 15X times the number of contaminants than Brita and provides high-quality, naturally filtered water wherever you live in the world. Cowa reduces much more than your generic water filter. Tested in a third-party lab to NSF standards, Cowa has been certified for up to 400 gallons to reduce lead, other metals – including arsenic – chlorine,
pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cysts, and bacteria.  Depending on the number of people using it, that’s about 6 months to 1 year of clean water before having to replace the filter element and 10 times the capacity of generic filters.

Everwaters water filtration systemEverwaters just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raising $27,855 over a $25,000 goal as of the writing of this blog.

A few things to note: This is a pre-order with target delivery date of March 2017; you will need to re-order filters using a subscription service with Everwaters, and the water filtration takes longer than your typical unit as the slow flow allows the carbon to take out all the chemicals. Best time to refill is overnight.

If you are interested in learning more about Everwaters business model, please visit their Venture Page on HatchPad.




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Or, if you are buying on Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and selecting KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship. For every purchase, Amazon will donate .5% to KidBacker Foundation. Amazon Smile is the same as your regular Amazon account except you get to pick a charity to donate to through your purchases.

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